Yonder stands a pretty little maiden
Who she is I do not know
I'll go out and court her for her beauty
Let her answer yes or no.

Pretty little girl I've come to court you
Open your favor I'm again
And if you make me trouly wellcome
I will call this way again.

Me love wears the tarry trousers
Me love wears a jacket blue
Me love sails upon the ocean
So young man away with you.

Pretty little girl I have golden riches
Pretty little girl I have house and lambs
Pretty little girl a wordly treasures
All will be at your commond.

What do I care for your golden riches
What do I care for your house and lambs
What do I care for your wordly treasures
All I want is a nice young man.

Me love wears .......

Oh why do you wish for so much beauty
This is the flower that must decay
Like the rose that blooms in summer
When winter comes it fades away.

What do I care .......

Me love wears .......