Oh when I was a young boy shure I longed to see the world
To sail around the sea in ships and see the sails unfurled
I went to seek me fortune on the far side of the hill
I've wandered far and wide and of travel I've had me fill.

And it's Home Boys Home
Home I'd like to be, home for a while in the old country
Where the oak and the ash and the bonny rowen tree
Are all growing greener in the old country.

Well I left me love behind me and I sailed across the tide
I said that I'd be back again and take for me bride
But many years have passed and gone, and still I'm far away
I know she is a fond true-love and waiting for the day.

Now I've learned there's more to life than to wander and to roam
Happiness and peace of mind can best be found at home
For money can't buy happiness and money cannot bind
So I'm going back tomorrow to the girl I left behind.