Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat
Hey, put the penny in the old man's hat
Light up the fire, the wind is blowing cold
Santa Claus is getting cold.

Oh Many dear, on Christmas day again I must complain
I wonder is it Santa Claus who makes mistakes again.
You see there's little Jenny Brown who got so many things
Dolls and sweets and teddy bears and clothes and golden rings.

Oh Many, Jenny has so much, but still it's not enough
But little Peter down the road got none of all the stuff.
He's cold and hungry can't you see, there's holes in both his shoes
No toys for him, no clothes and sweets and no Christmasgoods.

Oh child, I understand you now, you think this is not right
Some children live all in the dark, while others on the light.
But Santa Claus is not to blame, while pouring out his load
Jenny Brown will simply share with Peter down the road.